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Why does the battery life of the Reader seem so short?

The battery life of the Reader seems so short.

    Please check the following:
    • The Reader may not have been charged fully. Make sure that you charge the Reader until the battery status indicator shows Image.
    • If you are charging the Reader by data transfer mode and the computer enters sleep mode or standby mode, the Reader will be unable to charge and the battery may drain. When charging the Reader, confirm that your computer is on and completely charge the Reader before using it.
    • Battery life can be affected by operating temperatures below 5°C (41°F).
    • Audio playback consumes battery power. Go to the audio player and pause playback if necessary. The Reader does not automatically enter into sleep mode while playing audio.
    • If you are not using wireless communications, turn off Wi-Fi.
    • If you are not browsing on the Web, exit Browser by pressing the Imagebutton.
    • The Reader requires power while in sleep mode. If you are not planning to use the Reader, turn it off instead of leaving it in sleep mode.
    • The Reader battery gradually discharges when not in use for a prolonged period of time. Before turning on the Reader after a prolonged period of disuse, charge the Reader again.