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How to resolve if the Reader is unable to charge?

The Reader is unable to charge.

    Please check the following:
    • If you use other than the supplied USB cable to charge the Reader, it may not charge correctly. To charge the Reader, use only the supplied USB cable and optionally the AC Adapter (PRSA-AC10/PRSA-AC1A, sold separately).
    • If you are charging from the USB port on your computer, make sure that the Reader is connected directly to the USB port with the supplied USB cable. Do not use a USB hub.
    • Your computer must be turned on to charge the Reader. The Reader will not be charged if your computer enters sleep mode or standby mode. Keep your computer turned on with a stable and continuous power supply while charging the Reader.
    • If your computer enters sleep mode while the Reader is connected and charging, the Reader battery’s charge will gradually drain, the Reader will shut down and the Reader’s battery will not charge. In this case, disconnect the USB cable from the Reader, wake the computer from sleep mode, and then reconnect the USB cable to the Reader.