Personalization like never before!
    Introducing Android™ 13

    The new version of the Android software, Android 13, has been released, and with this new version, personalization and entertainment options have been further honed to accommodate present-day needs and standards of usability.

    Now, the color theme of the themed app icons on your Home screen can be customized. In the new Quick Settings panel, the QR code scanner can be opened effortlessly and active apps that you’re not using can be stopped. Different languages can now be applied to the apps of your choice to suit your needs. The new Bluetooth® LE Audio enables you to share audio with multiple friends at once.

    Plus, a new livestreaming feature on the External Monitor app enhances the entertainment capabilities of your Xperia device better than ever before.

    So, the ship has arrived. Board the cruise for the attractive new Android 13 features below!

    Customize the color theme

    What is it that gets you to change the wallpaper for your Xperia device? Is it to change your mood? Because winter has come? No matter what your reason, you’ve probably been customizing your Home screen by changing your wallpaper.

    But now with Android 13, you can further personalize your device by changing aspects like the color theme for the Quick Settings panel and the icons of the themed apps supported by your Android launcher so that the colors automatically match with your current wallpaper.

    Just long press an empty spot on your Home screen and configure settings from there. It won’t take a minute.

    Enjoy a more personalized Xperia device for a bit of an added accent to your day-to-day life!

    New Quick Settings panel

    You may have had your Xperia device’s battery run out faster than you’d expected or had your Xperia device freeze suddenly at least once. There’s a good chance that in those cases, you had too many apps running at once without you even being aware of it.

    This time around, Android 13 has been updated with a new feature in your Quick Settings panel that shows you a list of foreground apps (A).

    With this list, you can easily figure out which active apps you don’t need running and stop them with a single press of the button next to the app name. You can also easily open the QR code scanner from this new Quick Settings panel (B).

    The new panel will make your Xperia device more efficient and much easier to use. That’s always welcome, right?

    Need a different language?

    There’s a substantial number of people who use multiple languages in the world. Those who are multilingual would likely want to use their Xperia device in a main language and some apps in different languages. Previously, you’d have had to change the language setting for everything on your Xperia device to change languages, even when it’s only needed for one app. That’s not ideal.

    To solve this issue, Android 13 enables you to apply a language setting to apps that support this feature. You can now use these apps in your preferred language as soon as you open them.

    Save time and navigate this international world more conveniently than ever before!

    Have fun sharing audio!

    If you’re with your close friends, you’re going to want to share the things you love with them. It’s only natural! When it comes to the music you love, there’s no doubt you’ll want to share it with them, too.

    Now, you can enjoy a new way of sharing audio by using the newly introduced feature with Android 13 called Bluetooth LE Audio. This feature enables you to broadcast audio wirelessly from your Xperia device to multiple friends’ compatible headphones at the same time. You can also receive shared audio from a source LE Audio device along with multiple friends and listen to music together on your respective headphones.

    No need to worry about sounds being too loud and disturbing those around you.

    Simply share audio with your loved ones and have fun!

    * In some countries and regions, LE Audio will be released in a software update following the Android 13 update.

    Livestream it now!

    Let’s say you’ve come to a place with a magnificent view. Imagine if you could livestream that view as it is, in real time, to your friends, or even people all over the world.

    With earlier Android versions, you could connect to a compatible camera with the External Monitor app and use your Xperia device as a viewfinder.

    Now, Android 13 has a new livestreaming feature for that app. As you shoot high-quality video on a compatible camera, you can also livestream it via a video streaming service. How great does that sound?

    You don’t have to be a professional to bring content to others—all you need is your ideas and your Xperia device to present your content to the world!

    Please note that this article is not product specific. Features and functionalities described may therefore differ depending on your device and/or software version.

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