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XQZ-IV01 Vlog Monitor for Xperia: Frequently Asked Questions

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      XQZ-IV01 Vlog Monitor for Xperia image

      Which Xperia smartphones are compatible with the Vlog monitor?

      This unit is compatible with Xperia PRO-I, Xperia 1 IV and Xperia 5 IV.

      What's the benefit of using a Vlog monitor?

      You can see the display and the photos or videos you're taking while using the main camera of your Xperia. You can combine the Vlog monitor with a tripod by attaching it to the tripod socket hole to shoot selfies or record vlogs.

      How to use the Vlog monitor with an Xperia smartphone?

      We've included everything you need to know in our online Help Guide. Visit the Vlog Monitor XQZ-IV01 Help Guide to learn how to:

      1. Attach a grip with a camera mounting screw.
      2. Attach a smartphone to the holder.
      3. Attach the Vlog monitor to the magnet holder.
      4. Connect a smartphone to the Vlog monitor using the supplied cable.
      5. Attach a microphone to the accessory shoe of the Vlog monitor unit.
      6. Use the Vlog monitor as a selfie monitor (also while charging a smartphone).

      What smartphone apps does the Vlog monitor support?

      The Vlog monitor is compatible with Photography Pro and Videography Pro apps.

      Can the Vlog monitor be used with the smartphone case attached?

      Depending on the smartphone case, it may not be possible to attach it to the holder.

      Does the Vlog monitor have a built-in battery?

      No, this product doesn't have a built-in battery. Power is supplied from a smartphone or an external charger.

      When attaching an external microphone to Vlog Monitor during recording, the sound does not switch

      When using an external microphone, insert it before the recording starts. The smartphone's internal microphone is automatically switched to the external microphone when a microphone is connected to the microphone jack of the monitor of this unit.

      The backlight turns on when the cable is connected, and the monitor is off

      When the cable is connected, the backlight turns on.

      When the charger is connected to the Power port, the phone may take a long time to charge

      Use a Power Delivery (PD) compatible charger (XQZ-UC1 etc.). Please keep in mind that even if you use a PD charger, the charging time may increase because the energy consumption increases depending on the operating conditions of your smartphone.

      When the smartphone is turned off, it will not charge if the charger is connected to the monitor

      When you connect a charger to this unit, power is supplied from the POWER port to the INPUT port and then to the smartphone.

      • If the smartphone is off, it can't be charged through the monitor.
      • To charge your smartphone when it is turned off, connect the charger directly to your smartphone.
        When charging via this unit, turn on the smartphone.

      At the 4th stage of brightness adjustment, the colour of the display is different

      The 4th stage of the brightness display is adjusted for image quality to brighten the contrast, assuming it is used in bright places such as outdoors.

      Does the monitor have a touch operation function?

      The monitor doesn't have a touch operation function.

      Is the monitor waterproof and dustproof?

      This product is not designed to be waterproof or dustproof.

      Note: Do not splash water on this product. Avoid using it in a humid area such as in a bathroom or exposing it to raindrops.

      Can I make adjustments to the smartphone while the camera images are displayed on the Vlog monitor?

      If you connect the Vlog monitor to a smartphone and change the settings while the camera images are displayed on the monitor, the screen settings will be as follows.

      • High refresh rate: During the connection, the smartphone side operates at the monitor's refresh rate on the unit side.
      • White balance: It is valid only for the image quality on the smartphone side. It doesn't affect the image quality of this unit.

      Can I use a commercially available USB Type C cable instead of the supplied cable?

      Using the USB Type C that comes with your device is strongly recommended. We can't guarantee device performance when used with other manufacturers' cables.