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When can I connect the camera to a mobile device using NFC?

    The camera can be connected to an NFC enabled mobile device using the NFC function when in the following modes for each function:

    NOTE: The mobile device must first have the PlayMemories Mobile app installed to use the Smart Remote Control  and to transfer movies from the camera to the mobile device. You can download the PlayMemories Mobile app for free from the Google Play store on Android devices or from the App Store on Apple iOS devices.

    Using the Smart Remote Control:

    • Movie recording mode
    • Audio recording mode

    Transferring movies to the mobile device:

    • Playback mode


    • Make sure the NFC icon is displayed on the LCD screen of the camcorder.
    • Image

    • Make sure that the NFC function of the mobile device is turned on. Refer to the manual of the mobile device for information on how to enable the NFC function.
    • Unlock the screen of the mobile device before touching the camcorder with the mobile device.
    • Currently, the NFC function of Apple iPhone mobile device and other Apple iOS devices is not compatible with one-touch connection.