Article ID : 00055948 / Last Modified : 12/03/2020

How to clean dust, dirt, spots, marks, or fingerprints from the front of the camera lens

    The following items should be used to properly clean the lens the camera lens:


    • Blower - This is used to blow away dust and dirt on or in the camera.
    • Brush - This is used to wipe away dust on the camera body or lens. Use a large or small brush for the lens according to the situation.
    • Cleaning cloth - This is used to wipe off the camera or lens. A cloth made of synthetic fibers, which can be washed and used over again, is recommended. It can easily remove oils transferred to the rear LCD from your nose.

    To clean the camera body and lens, follow the steps below.

    1. Remove any large dust, dirt, or other particles.
      First use a brush (large for the exterior and small for fine parts) to remove dust and the like from the exterior.
      Gently remove dust from the entire exterior without applying excessive pressure.
      Remove dust from around the lens with a brush.

    2. Blow away small dust particles and the like.
      Next, use a blower to blow away dust and dirt from delicate parts.
      Blow away any remaining dust with a blower.

    3. Blow away dust on the lens, and wipe gently with a cleaning cloth or other soft cloth.
      Remove the lens cap, blow away dust on the surface of the lens with a blower, and then wipe with a lens cleaning cloth.
      Attach the lens cap to prevent the lens from getting dirty.
      When cleaning the lens surface, remove dust and the like with a commercially available blower.

      If particularly dirty, wet a soft cloth or lens tissue with lens cleaner solution, and wipe in a circular motion from the centre of the lens.

    IMPORTANT: Do not apply lens cleaner solution directly to the lens.