How to connect the live remote to your Action cam

Using a remote with your Action Cam means you can begin recording your run, bike ride or skate session the second it begins. The remote is worn on your wrist so you have complete freedom of movement, and with 4 hours of battery life, it can last the distance, too. You can use the remote screen to watch your footage as it's recording. It's also waterproof up to 3m, so it's ideal for surfing and watersports.

Get the remote ready

  1. Open the MENU screen and select Network Settings > Connection Setting
  2. Choose SINGLE connection if you only have one camera.
    Choose MULTI connection if you want to use the remote with more than one camera. You can use the remote with up to five compatible cameras at the same time.

Register your camera on the remote

  1. From the MENU screen, choose the icon showing the camera and the remote
  2. The remote is now ready to register your camera. It will stay in this mode for 2 minutes, so make sure you register your camera before time runs out
  3. On your camera, select [SETUP], then [confg] > [Wi-Fi] > [multi] > new
  4. The display should now be blinking with the word [PREP]
  5. Wait until the remote screen says [OK], then confirm the registration by pressing [REC/ENTER]
  6. When registration is complete, the display will say [DONE] and after 2 seconds, the camera is ready to use

If you're registering more than one camera, repeat these steps.

Connect the remote to your camera
Once you have registered your camera with the remote, the two devices will automatically connect via Wi-Fi when they are both switched on. (You'll see a blue light on the remote when it's switched on.)

For more details on connecting your camera to the remote, check your camera's instruction manual.

Remote screen and icons
The remote screen shows you which mode the camera is in, and whether it's currently recording.

Photo shooting mode
Video recording mode
Interval photo mode
Processing or transmitting

When the camera is recording or taking interval photos, a dot will appear in the corner of the relevant icon:
If you've connected multiple cameras, you can press the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll between them on the remote screen. The icon for the camera currently selected will be highlighted with a coloured box.
The remote's main display (Live View) will sync with the LCD screen of the selected camera.

Taking photos and videos

  1. Press the REC/ENTER button on the remote to start recording or to capture an image. If you have more than one camera connected, each will receive the signal at the same time, but there may be a time lag depending on the cameras' settings and position
  2. You'll see a red light on the remote when the camera is recording or taking interval photos
  3. Press the REC/ENTER button again to stop recording


Error messages...

IconMeaningWhat to do next
Camera errorCheck the camera or memory card you are connected to is working properly
Failed to connectCheck the camera is switched on and in the correct mode. Check your Wi-Fi connection and signal strength.
Trying to connect to an incompatible cameraCheck the remote manual to make sure the camera is compatible with the remote.
NumberMeaningWhat to do next
Failed to connectCheck the camera is switched on and in the correct mode. Check your Wi-Fi connection and signal strength.
03-05Maximum number of cameras already connectedDisconnect one or more cameras from your remote.