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About this download

Added Functions:
  1. Converting a message into a Macromedia Flash (SWF) file becomes possible. You can convert a computer message to a Macromedia Flash (SWF) file by specifying the image size, sound quality, destination, effect (fade in/slide in). A converted Flash (SWF) file can be played back with Flash Player Version 6 or later, or an Internet browser with the plug-in software for the Flash Player Version 6 or later installed.
  2. JPEG files other than those taken using a Visual IC recorder are supported. With previous versions of the Visual and Voice Editor software, it was only possible to use images that were taken with a Visual IC recorder as title pictures or bookmarks. Registering JPEG files other than those taken with a Visual IC recorder as title picture or bookmark is now possible.
  3. Other improvements have been made to fix several software bugs.

Please check the "read me" file for more information about the previous improvements.

Applicable product:

This upgrade program is only applicable to the following software:

  • Visual and Voice Editor Versions 1.0 and 1.1.


  • Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005
  • Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2004
  • Windows® XP Media Center Edition
  • Windows® XP Professional
  • Windows® XP Home Edition
  • Windows® 2000 Professional
  • Windows® Millennium Edition
  • Windows® 98 Second Edition

For Windows® XP users

  • Log on with the Administrator group account when installing this update program.

For Windows® 2000 Professional users

  • Log on with Administrator user name when installing this update program.

Please follow the steps below to download the program.


Please follow the steps below to download the upgrade file "VVE1.2.01eUpgrade.EXE" (14,783KB):

  1. Create a folder namedVVE_Upin the C drive.
  2. Download the file "VVE1.2.01eUpgrade.EXE" and save it in the "VVE_Up" folder.
  3. Upon completion of the download, please check the size of the file as follows:
    • SelectView->Detailsin Windows Explorer.
    • If the file size is same (14,783KB), the download has been successfully completed.
    • Otherwise, please delete all the downloaded files and perform the download again.
Installation Procedure

When the download is completed, please upgrade the program using the following steps:

  1. Close all the applications that are currently open.
  2. Go toStartand clickRun.
  3. In theRunbox, typeC:\VVE_Up\VVE1.2.01eUpgrade.EXEand clickOKto begin the installation. (In this case, the program fileVVE1.2.01eUpgrade.EXEis downloaded to the folderC:\VVE_Up
  4. When the message "Visual and Voice Editor has been successfully installed." appears, clickFinish.
  5. Now all the work for upgrading has completed. Please restart your computer..
  6. Check whether the upgrade completed successfully in any of the following two ways:
    • Open the file "\Program Files\Sony\ Visual and Voice Editor \Readme.txt". If "Improvements (Version 1.2.01)" is mentioned in the text, the upgrade has been completed successfully.Or,
    • Open "Visual and Voice Editor" and selectAbout Visual and Voice Editorfrom theHelpmenu. If "Visual and Voice Editor Version" is displayed on theAbout Visual and Voice Editordialog box, your upgrade is completed successfully.

Please accept the Disclaimer below to start the download

File Info

File Name

  • VVE1.2.01eUpgrade.EXE

File Size

  • 14.44 Mb