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Important note:: A certain number of NW-HD5 Network WALKMAN units may rarely stop responding on startup under certain conditions. In order to resolve this issue, we have provided a firmware update to version 1.2 for the Hard Disk Network WALKMAN NW-HD5.

Target product

  • Hard Disk Network WALKMAN NW-HD5 with firmware version 1.1 or below only.


Please carefully read the instructions below to check and update the firmware properly.

To find out the firmware version installed on your NW-HD5, follow the procedure below:

  1. Connect your NW-HD5 to the power supply.
  2. Press and hold the SEARCH MENU button until the MENU is displayed.
  3. Browse to Options and press
  4. Browse to Initialize System, then press
  5. Browse to Update Firmware and press
  6. If firmware version is 1.2:
  7. If firmware version is 1.1 or below:

    • Create the following folder on the C:\ drive of your computer: HDFWUPG
    • Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and click Download to download the program NW_HD5.BIN - 1584Kb.
    • Follow the instructions and save the program to C:\HDFWUPG
    • Check that the downloaded file is 1584Kb. If not, delete the file and repeat step b.

    Before going further, you need to back up all the data contained in your NW-HD5 to your computer.

    To back up the data, read the information below.

  8. Close all the programs running on your computer.
  9. Connect your NW-HD5 to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
  10. Copy the NW_HD5.BIN file contained in the C:\HDFWUPG on your computer to your NWHD5 with Windows Explorer.
  11. Close the Windows Explorer and disconnect the USB cable from your NW-HD5.
  12. Press and hold the SEARCH MENU button until MENU is displayed.
  13. Browse to Options and press
  14. Browse to Initialize System, then press
  15. Browse to Update Firmware and press
  16. When the following question Are you sure you want to update firmware? is displayed, select YES.
  17. The following message is displayed: Updating firmware. Do not perform any operations during the update. The unit will restart automatically after the update is completed (app. 30 sec.).
  18. The firmware upgrade is completed. Check that the firmware version is now 1.2 as described in step 1.
  19. Reconnect your NW-HD5 to your computer with the supplied USB cable. Delete the C:\HDFWUPG from your computer and delete theNW_HD5.BIN from your NW-HD5.
  20. The firmware update is completed.

Please accept the Disclaimer below to start the download (1584Kb)

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File Name

  • NW_HD5.BIN

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  • 1.55 Mb