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About this download

When charging with the USB Charging AC Power Adaptor or the PC which is in standby or hibernation mode, the battery life might be shorter.

AfterNO DATABASEorNO DATAshows up, the unit might not be recognized by the PC though it is connected.

Additional feature:

Enable WMA format support.

Affected units:

Network WALKMANNW-A608withfirmware version 1.0and1.1.

Important Note:

Click the + button to read theDownload and the Installationprocedure.

Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and click theDownloadbutton to download the program.


Please follow the procedure below to check the firmware version installed on yourNW-A608WALKMAN:
  1. Press and hold theDISP/FUNCbutton until theFunctionmenu appears.
  2. Rotate the Shuttle switch to selectMusic Libraryand press the (PLAY/STOP)button.
  3. Press and hold theSEARCH/MENUbutton in stop mode until theSettingmenu appears.
  4. Rotate the Shuttle switch to selectAdvanced Menuand press the (PLAY/STOP)button.
  5. Rotate the Shuttle switch to select Information and press the (PLAY/STOP)button.
  6. Confirm the firmware version at option [4:] by rotating the Shuttle switch.
    • Create the following folder on the C:\ drive of your computer:FWUP
    • Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and click
      Downloadto download the program:

      NW-A600_V2_0.exe - 6.55 MB.
    • Follow the instructions and save the program toC:\FWUP
    • Check that the downloaded file is 6.55 MB. If not, delete the file and repeat the download steps.
Upgrade Procedure

Once the download is finished, please follow the steps below to upgrade the program.

  1. Make sure that at least there is 3Mb of free space left on theNW-A608Walkman before launching the update.
  2. Connect the unit to the PC.
  3. Exit all the software running on your computer.
  4. ClickStartbutton on the task bar and clickRun- TheRundialog box will be open.
  5. Browse toC:\FWUP\NW-A600_V2_0.exein the Open text box and clickOK. The program will be started.
  6. Follow the following screenshots

    *Please do not disconnect the USB cable during upgrading.

    *During upgrading, USB connection is automatically controlled and USB Connect indication is off with the control. Also, the USB disconnect message may appear on some computer.

  7. Accept the License Agreement and clickNext.

  8. Connect theNW-A608to your computer and clickOK.

  9. Close all the programs and clickOK.

  10. ClickOKto start the update process.

  11. The Update process is ongoing.

  12. Firmware has been successfully updated, clickFinish.
After Upgrade

Please confirm the version when the upgrade program is installed successfully with the above steps. The upgrade program installation is succeeded when "2.0" is shown on the screen.

Please accept the Disclaimer below to start the download

File Info

File Name

  • NW-A600_V2_0.exe

File Size

  • -