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About this download

If you use DSLR-A700, please download this "Interval Shooting Set-up Tool".

By executing this tool after installing the latest version of"Sony Image Data Suite"that can be foundhere, the interval timer shooting function in Remote Camera Control will be activated.


  1. Make sure no program other than your Internet browser is running.
  2. You must accept the terms of the End User Licence Agreement at the bottom of the page. After reading this agreement, click "Accept".
  3. The download of theIntervalTimer_A700.exe62.3 KB (63,840 bytes) file will start.
  4. Save the file to the Desktop of your computer (recommended).
How to execute
  1. Double-click the downloadedIntervalTimer_A700.exefile.
  2. The command prompt screen will open, and the message "Completed" will appear when the setting is completed.

    Notes: You need to install "Sony Image Data Suite" providedherebefore executing this tool.
    If there are multiple user accounts in your computer, this tool needs to be executed by each user account.

File Info

File Name

  • IntervalTimer_A700.exe
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