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The camera displays “SD memory card locked” although the card is not locked

    The lock slider on the SD-card must be set to the unlock position before attempting to record, write, or save data to the SD-card. Ensure that you are inserting the SD memory card in the correct slot in the camera, facing the right direction.

    After inserting the memory card, select the type of memory card you want to use by using the memory card switch. If you are using SD card, then slide the memory card switch to the "SD" side.

    NOTE: If you format the memory card on a computer, it may not be usable with the camera, depending on the format type used. Format the memory card using the camera.

    If the message "SD memory card locked" is still displaying, it may become necessary to reset the camera to default factory settings:

    1. Press the MENU button
    2. Go to Setup Menu 3 (wrench icon)
    3. Select [Reset default]
    4. Press [OK]

    If resetting the camera does not solve the matter, even when using other cards, the device may be defective and a repair is necessary. If you believe this to be the case, please contact us for further assistance.