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Frequently Asked Questions about PS-LX310BT




    Replacements & repairs


    ■ How to connect a playback device with your PS-LX310BT

    When you first connect your turntable to a playback device via Bluetooth, you'll have to pair them.
    Your turntable can register information of up to 8 paired devices. Once you've paired a device, you don't have to repeat the pairing process: from then on, it will automatically connect to the turntable.  

    1. Place the playback device to which you want to connect, as close to your turntable as possible.
    2. Press and hold your turntable's BLUETOOTH button / PAIRING button for about 2 seconds, and then release it. The BLUETOOTH indicator will rapidly flash blue.
    3. Activate the pairing mode of your playback device. If you don't know how to turn on pairing mode, refer to the manual that came supplied with the product. 
    4. When pairing is complete, the Bluetooth indicator stops flashing blue and remains lit.

    Important: You cannot pair your turntable with smartphones, TVs, or computers. The turntable can use Bluetooth to send data to playback devices.
    However, because the turntable cannot receive data from smartphones, TVs, or computers, it can't pair with them. 


    ■ Does this unit support AAC and LDAC™ when using Bluetooth?

    AAC and LDAC™ are not supported. This unit supports Bluetooth connections using SBC (Subband Codec) or QualcommR aptX™ audio.


    ■ The unit isn't pairing with my playback device

    • If there are multiple Bluetooth capable devices nearby, disable their Bluetooth function and try to pair again.
      Remember that the PS-LX310BT can pair with up to 8 devices, so it might be connecting to a different device if it's nearby. 
    • Try to disable and re-enable Bluetooth pairing mode on your playback device.
    • Restart your playback device completely: turn it OFF and ON again and try to pair again. 


    ■ Can I pair the turntable with smartphones, TVs, or computers?

    You cannot pair your turntable with smartphones, TVs, or computers because the turntable can't receive data from those devices. 


    ■ The Bluetooth range seems short

    Try the following to improve the Bluetooth signal:

    • If there are other electronic devices connected to either your turntable or playback device, disconnect them.
    • Move the devices away from electromagnetic sources such as a microwave oven 
    • Remove the turntable from any metal surface.


    ■ The tracks I play via Bluetooth are at a loud volume

    If your playback device does not have a volume adjustment function, tracks may play at a high volume. Please be sure to use a device with a volume adjustment function.


    ■ When I use Bluetooth, the sound does not play, or abnormal noises occur

    Try to deactivate and reactivate the Bluetooth function of the turntable by pressing the Bluetooth/Pairing button.
    If this solution helps, avoid similar issues by activating your playback device first and putting it in Bluetooth standby mode in advance. 



    ■ Can the unit play 78 rpm records?

    The unit only supports 33 rpm and 45 rpm records.



    Supplied Items/Replacement Parts/Repair


    ■ Can I use any stylus as a replacement?

    No, this kind of stylus is exclusively designed for this unit. Other styluses are not supported. To obtain a spare stylus, contact your Sony retailer or find an Authorised Service Center. 


    ■ Can I replace the cartridge with a different one than the originally installed?

    This unit is tuned to the initially installed cartridge. Other types of cartridges are not supported.


    ■ What are the precautions when sending the unit for repair or transport?

    Sending the unit in an assembled state may cause damage or malfunctions. Disassemble the parts and pack them securely when you send or transport the turntable.

    1. Put the stylus protective cover on the stylus.
      If you do not have the stylus protective cover, pack the stylus carefully so that it does not bump up against other objects while transporting.
    2. Remove the mat for the platter and the platter (turntable). Put the drive belt on the rear side of the platter.
      For details, refer to the "Assembling the Turntable" section in the supplied manual.
    3. To prevent the tone arm from detaching from the tonearm rest during transport, use a soft string to tie them together. 
    4. Pack the items carefully so that they do not bump up against each other while transporting.
      We recommend using the same packaging that came with the unit.