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Answers to questions for PS-LX310BT


    Can the unit playback 78 rpm records? 

    The platter does not turn. 


    Does this unit support BLUETOOTH connection using AAC and LDAC? 

     Can the unit be paired with smartphones, TVs, or computers?  

    The BLUETOOTH wireless communication range is short.  

    The volume cannot be adjusted when the unit is connected to the wireless speaker or headphones via Bluetooth function. 

    Sometimes sound is not played or abnormal noises occur on the playback device connected to this turntable via BLUETOOTH.

    Supplied Items/Replacement Parts/Repair

    The 45 rpm adaptor and dust cover hinge accessories have not been included.

    Can styluses other than ones exclusively designed for this unit be used? 

    Can I replace the cartridge with the one that is not the same type as the one originally installed? 

     When removing the stylus protective cover, the stylus is unintentionally removed. 

    What are the precautions when sending the unit for repair, etc.?