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The unit does not power on after performing a firmware update.

    If your AV receiver does not power on after performing a firmware update, it is likely to be due to an interruption during the updating process, such as a power supply interruption or an anticipated cable disconnection. In such events, the update has not completed successfully and the unit will no longer be able to power on.

    Try the following steps to finalise the update and recover the unit:

    1. Unplug the power cord from the AV receiver and wait for at least 1 minute
    2. Connect the AV receiver to a power outlet using the supplied AC power supply cable
    3. Wait for ~5 minutes. You should hear a power relay 'click' sound
    4. The LED on top of the power button will then blink, showing that the unit's firmware is updating automatically
      • If the LED is not blinking and the light stays on, please wait for 5 minutes, and go to step 6
    5. Wait for 5~30 minutes (depending on the specific firmware update that is being processed)
    6. The AV receiver's front display will show 'COMPLETE', indicating that the firmware update process is finished
    7. Wait for 3 minutes while the AV receiver reinitialises
    8. The AV receiver is now ready for normal operation