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Which USB devices can I use with my tablet?

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Which USB devices can I use with my tablet?

The S Series has a micro A/B USB port and can act as a USB host for other devices or as a device when connected to a computer. The P Series has a micro B USB port and can only act as a device.

You may need an adapter to connect your device to the tablet. Most USB device are meant to plug into a USB type A socket. Sony offers a fitting USB A socket to micro USB A plug adapter with the reference SGPUC1.

[Image: SGPUC1 USB type A socket to micro USB type A plug]

Your S Series tablet can act as host for:
Note: there is no guarantee for any specific device to work with your tablet.
  • USB HID devices
    • keyboards
    • mice
  • USB mass storage devices
    • digital cameras
    • hard drives
    • flash drive
    • flash card adapters
  • Android USB accessories

For certain, the following device types will not work with your tablet: 
printers, optical drives and 3G or WiMax modems.