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Please read prior to calling us with regards to your Windows 7 Upgrade

    Important note:  The Windows 7 Upgrade programme closed on 31 March 2010. Final shipment of discs was 24 May 2010.


    Which units are supported for Windows 7 Upgrade?

    AW series
    BZ series
    CS series
    FW series
    JS series
    LN series
    LV series
    NS series
    NW series
    P series
    RT series
    SR series
    TT series
    Z series

    • If you performed an upgrade from Windows VISTA to Windows 7:
      • you can expect that the majority of preinstalled Windows VISTA drivers will work.
      • Windows 7 drivers for devices which do not work with the preinstalled Windows VISTA drivers can be found in the Windows 7 tab.
    • If you performed a custom (clean) installation of Windows 7:
      • Windows 7 drivers can be found in the Windows 7 tab.
      • Any drivers which are not listed in the Windows 7 tab can be found in the originally installed & updates tab.

    However, Note that:

    If your VAIO came with Windows VISTA 32-bit edition and you installed Windows 7 64-bit edition:

    If your VAIO Came with Windows VISTA 64-bit edition and you installed Windows 7 32-bit edition:

    • Most originally installed / updated drivers are 64-bit drivers.
    • there are no specific 32-bit Windows VISTA 64-bit drivers.


    What is the difference between the Upgrade and Custom installation?


    My unit is not supported for Windows 7 Upgrade. What do I do?

    1. Check whether drivers are available for your VAIO:
    • If the preinstalled Operating System on your unit is Windows Vista, you can expect 
      that the majority of  will work under a retail version of Windows 7.
    • If the preinstalled operating system on your unit is Windows XP or older,
      compatible drivers are not available,  Sony VAIO Support cannot assist you with the upgrade. For more information about upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, please refer to
    1. You need to purchase a retail version of Windows 7, either from Microsoft directly or from a  dealer.
    2. Sony cannot assume any responsibility for stability and performance issues after this upgrade. 
    3. While the primary functions of your VAIO are expected to work, some features
      e.g. hotkeys to change sound volume may not work.
    4. We advise to back up data prior to starting any Windows7 Upgrade.
    5. Verify whether you created Recovery DVDs to be able to return the VAIO to delivery state.
    6. Note that Sony VAIO Support cannot assist you with the upgrade.

    What can I expect from the call centre ?

    The information available to the call centre is the same as that included in this website.

    If you have any difficulty following the instructions on this website, our call centre agents
    will be most happy to help, though our staff:
    • cannot assist in the upgrade of an unsupported unit. 
    • cannot provide drivers that are unavailable on the website.