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Troubleshooting memory-related error messages and blue screens

    Our support team has created this step-by-step guide enabling you to:
    • determine if the problem is caused by a hardware or software fault, and
    • find the steps to solve it
    difficulty rating Difficulty rating:
    time needed Time needed:
    15-30 minutes activity

    1. Using VAIO Hardware Diagnostics to detect a hardware faults

    1. Make sure the VAIO is shut down completely.
    2. Start the VAIO and immediately press the F10 button several times.
    3. The VAIO Recovery Center will open.
    4. Select VAIO Hardware Diagnostics, and press Start.

      Click Run Test.
      Warning:  a full system test may require several hours.
    5. Depending on the result of the test, please move to the following section:

    2.a. VAIO Hardware Diagnostics reports a hardware problem

    1. The hardware problem is NOT memory-related

    Please contact VAIO Support.

    2. The hardware problem is memory-related

    Warning:    improper installation of memory modules may cause damage to your system. If you feel insecure carrying out below steps, please contact VAIO Support for further assistance.

    We need to determine exactly which memory module is at fault.
    • If two memory modules are installed, follow below procedure from step 1.  
    • If only one module is installed for 2 memory slots, start from step 4.
    • If only one module is installed for 1 memory slot, please contact VAIO Support.
    1. Shut down the VAIO, unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery.
    2. Remove one memory module following the instructions in Adding and Removing Memory Modules. [addlink]
    3. Run VAIO Hardware Diagnostics - Individual test - Memory.
    4. If the memory module is diagnosed as faulty, move it to the other memory slot.
    5. Run VAIO Hardware Diagnostics - Individual test - Memory.
    6. Repeat this procedure for the other memory module.
    7. Contact VAIO Support, and share the results of your tests.

    2.b. VAIO Hardware Diagnostics does not report a hardware problem

    The problem may be caused by software configuration.
    One of he following steps may provide a solution.  As each of these steps may lead to a solution, we recommend to test after every step.

    • Restore the BIOS Defaults
    • Use VAIO Update and Microsoft Windows Update to make sure your system is up-to-date.
    • If your problem started recently, restore your system to a previous date (click the Start button and type System Restore)
    • Use Task Manager to determine if the problem is caused by a specific application.
    • to do this, access Task Manager when problems appear, to see if a particular application is using a lot of the system resources.
    • If this is indeed the case, try uninstalling or disabling this application, to see if the problem persists.   
    • check with the manufacturer of the application if there is a fix or updated version available.
    • Use Event Viewer to check if there are program errors and support information
    If none of the above steps leads to a solution, a next required step may be a complete system recovery.

    Warning: a complete system recovery causes data-loss.  Remember to back up your data before proceeding.