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VAIO sheet battery

    VAIO sheet battery (or extented battery)

    Sheet battery doubles the life of the primary battery when attached to the main unit.
    The battery can be attached without shutting down of the VAIO.
    It can be also charged separately with the included charge adapter.
    It is sold as an additional accessory and currently available in 4 chassis:

    The Battery uses Smart Charge technology meaning the primary battery takes precedence during the charge while extended battery is the first one to discharge. This is to ensure the primary battery will not be left without charge when needed.

    When the battery is properly connected, clicking on the Power/Battery icon in the Task Tray will provide additional information about the attached battery and its charging status.

    (please note that in the screenshot above the Sheet Battery (#2) is not charging yet as the Primary Battery (#1) has not reached 80%)

    The Sheet Battery, should be troubleshoot in the same way as the primary battery.
    To check the condition of the battery
    • Go to VAIO Control Center
    • Select Battery
    • Verify the condition under your extended battery

    Additionnal Specifications