What you can do with Music Center?

    Music Center is an app that you can use for playback of sound sources and other operations with Sony audio devices via wireless connection. With Music Center, you can play the music files stored on your smartphone as well.

    Depending on the function of the connected devices, the main functions available on Music Center are as follows.

    • Wireless Multi-room, Wireless Surround and Wireless Stereo functions (Network connection)
    • Stereo Pair, Party Connect (BLUETOOTH connection)
    • Speaker Add function, Wireless Party Chain function (BLUETOOTH connection)
    • Network connection settings for the audio devices
    • Settings for the sound and equalizer
    • Auto standby settings
    • Version check of the audio device
    • Playback of the music files, including high-resolution audio files, stored on a smartphone
    • Output to USB DAC devices

    Music Center is an app created in 2017 as a new and improved replacement for SongPal.