What are the differences between Creators' App, Creators' Cloud, and Creators' Cloud Web?

    Creators' Cloud is a cloud-based solution integrating essential production apps and services for content creators.
    To access Creators' Cloud and work in the cloud, you can use Creators' App or Creators' Cloud Web. Creators' App is a mobile app for smartphones or tablets, and Creators' Cloud Web is a website where you can work in the cloud from browsers on computers or other devices. The same images that you have uploaded to cloud storage are available from both Creators' App and Creators' Cloud Web.
    In features, the main differences are as follows. For details, see each of the following pages.

    • Available services vary by country or region.
    Creators' App
    Creators' Cloud Web screen
    Creators' Cloud Web
    Creators' Cloud screen
    Differences between Creators' App and Creators' Cloud Web
    FeaturesCreators' AppCreators' Cloud Web
    Importing images from cameras to smartphonesSupportedNot supported
    Uploading from smartphones to the cloudSupportedSupported
    Browsing in the cloudSupportedSupported
    Interacting with other content creatorsSupportedSupported
    Managing cloud storageSupportedSupported
    Registering cameras and receiving related notificationsSupportedSupported
    Remote ShootingSupportedNot supported
    Camera system software updateSupportedNot supported
    Save and Apply SettingsSupportedNot supported
    LUT ManagementSupportedSupported
    Installing LUTs on camerasSupportedNot supported

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