ZV-1M2: Initial setup and checking basic operations

    Prepare for shooting as follows. Basic camera operations are also described below.

    Preparing the camera

    Inserting and charging the battery pack

    You can charge the battery pack with an external power source such as a USB AC adaptor (sold separately) by connecting a commercially available USB cable.
    The camera terminal is USB Type-C. Use a USB cable that can be connected to a USB Type-C terminal.
    Use a USB Type-C cable that supports Hi-Speed USB 480 Mbps (USB 2.0).

    1. On the bottom of the camera, slide the switch on the battery/memory card cover and open the cover.
    2. Insert the battery pack and make sure it locks into place. Close the cover and slide the switch to the LOCK side.
    3. With the camera turned off, connect an external power source to the camera's USB Type-C terminal with a commercially available USB cable to charge the battery pack.

    Setting up the camera

    Initial setup

    You can easily perform the initial camera setup by pairing the camera with a smartphone over a Bluetooth connection and using the Creators' App smartphone app.
    Installing the app initially is convenient because once the settings are complete, you can transfer images to your smartphone and use it to control the camera remotely.

    Creators' App: Download
    Creators' App: Installing Creators' App

    For details on what you can do with Creators' App besides initial setup, see the following page.
    Using Creators' App

    Basic operations

    Touch Operations

    With touch operations enabled, you can conveniently adjust settings or select subjects on which to focus by tapping the screen.
    Tapping the touch function icons along the sides of the screen is an easy way to adjust camera settings.

    Touch function icons are displayed along the left and right sides of the screen.
    Example of touch function icon display (during movie recording)

    Using the touch function icons

    Main menu

    To view a list of shooting settings, press the MENU button and select the (Main) tab on the menu screen that is displayed. You can confirm the settings before shooting or for each scene and also change the settings directly from this screen.
    Note that the items listed vary depending on whether they apply to still images or movies.

    Main menu (shooting setting list)

    Function menu

    The function menu contains frequently used functions. Use it for quick access to functions you want to adjust.
    To access the function menu, press the Fn (function) button in the shooting mode, or swipe up on the LCD screen.

    The function button is to the right of the screen, above the control wheel.
    Position of Fn (function) button

    Using the function menu

    You can register separate functions in this menu for movies and for still images. The menu can also be customized.
    Fn Menu Settings

    Note: Cleaning the monitor

    If the monitor becomes dirty with fingerprints or dust, gently remove the dust from the surface, and then clean the monitor using a soft cloth, etc. Be careful not to wipe the monitor too roughly with tissue paper or a similar material, as this may scratch it.

    Consider using a protective glass sheet that supports touch operations.

    Product page for Screen Protect Glass Sheet PCK-LG1

    All images used here are provided for illustrative purposes only.