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How do I change the language on my smartphone keyboard?

    Accessing the keyboard settings and adding languages

    Google Keyboard is pre-installed on most Android devices. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store if it's not already on your device.

    You can access the Google keyboard by going to

    • Settings → System → Languages & input → On-screen keyboard (Virtual Keyboard)

    It's in this submenu that you can change the language of the Google Keyboard:

    1. Tap Gboard
    2. Tap Languages
      • You can press add keyboard and select a new language to add.
      • You can remove languages by tapping the pencil mark on the top right side.

    How do you change the keyboard language while typing?

    Press and hold the space bar of the on-screen keyboard to access the language selection for typing. 

    • Special characters: You can access symbols and special characters by tapping and holding the "?123" key to bring up the symbols and numbers keyboard. To access additional special characters, tap and hold a specific symbol.
    • Voice typing: You can tap the microphone icon on the Google Keyboard to make the keyboard transcribe your speech into text.