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    Creative Look

    Use Creative Look to enjoy your camera more by capturing photos or movies with image processing applied to create your preferred mood or atmosphere. This feature can greatly expand your range of creative expression.

    What is Creative Look?

    The "look" of images (photos or movies) is their appearance or the impression they make, as conveyed by many details such as color tone, sharpness, and brightness.

    By changing the combination of color tone, saturation, contrast, sharpness, brightness, and other image elements, you can give the same subject a different look. To create the look you envision, you can set up image processing with your ideal balance of these elements.

    Creative Look offers 10 unique preset looks. You can enjoy greater freedom of expression simply by choosing a mode such as FL or VV to create a look that suits the scene or how you envision your images. You can also customize the preset modes of this advanced image processing to create your own original looks.
    Creative Look can be used for both photos and movies, which makes it a good choice for those who want a consistent look when posting on social media immediately after shooting.

    Creative Look Styles

    Creative Look styles and features are as follows. Examples from four modes are described here. As you shoot, check the Live View display on the camera screen or in the viewfinder to choose a suitable mode for your subject, scene, or preferred mood.

    • Photograph


      This look tones down some colors while enhancing the sky, greenery, and contrast. A good choice for natural landscapes showing the sea, sky, or mountains, or for other subjects against a blue sky.

    • Photograph


      Reduces contrast and saturation, for a matte look. Recommended for creating an elegant atmosphere or stately images.

    • Photograph


      Produces a bright atmosphere with transparency, softness, and vibrancy. Recommended for creating a soft, gentle mood.

    • Photograph


      Produces highly clear images with bright, vibrant colors. Makes colorful subjects and scenes even more impressive, and can also enhance pale or dull colors in "high-key shooting" or cloudy weather.

    To enjoy the world of monotone photography, choose SE mode for sepia tone or BW mode for black-and-white images.

    Customizing Creative Looks

    You can fine-tune contrast, highlights, shadows, fading, saturation, sharpness, sharpness range, and clarity based on your selected mode. After you create your preferred look, you can save it as a custom look and easily apply it later as needed. Custom Look also enables you to save slightly different versions of the same mode, so that you can use different versions of your favorite modes for different scenes.

    How is it different from Picture Profile?

    Using the Picture Profile menu, you can adjust or change parameters that determine gradation (light and dark tones), colors, and other image characteristics. Mainly used in movie recording, this menu includes advanced settings for adjusting gamma curve, color, detail, and an array of other parameters.
    Recommended for users involved in movie or video production who will prepare the final image by making subtle adjustments during the grading process on a computer after shooting.
    What is grading?

    On cameras that feature Picture Profile, several presets are available by default, including S-Log. Visit the following page for details on Picture Profile and S-Log.
    Help Guide for Creators
    Shooting with S-Log for color grading

    Creative Look and Picture Profile are both for adjusting image colors and textures. The differences can be summarized as follows.

    Creative Look

    • Easy to set up for both movies and still images.
    • Enjoy intuitive image processing without any special knowledge. A good choice for beginners.

    Picture Profile

    • Mainly used in movie recording, but also available for still images.
    • Requires knowledge of gamma curves, color modes, and other parameters. After shooting with this feature, final editing such as grading is required.
    • Enables a close match with the look and feel of images from professional video cameras equipped with S-Log, and can create a feeling like movies on film.