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No sound is output from the subwoofer.

    Check the following:


    The subwoofer is for reproducing the bass sound. In the case of input sources that contain very little bass sound components (i.e., TV broadcast), the sound from the subwoofer may be difficult to hear.

    • Turn up the subwoofer volume.
    • If the LED on the subwoofer does not light:
      • Plug the subwoofer firmly to the AC power outlet.
      • Turn on the power to the subwoofer.
    • If the LED on the subwoofer is not lit in green or orange:
      • Connect the subwoofer and the Bar Speaker all over again.
      • Move the subwoofer closer to the Bar Speaker.
    • Disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead) of the subwoofer from the wall outlet (mains), wait for a while, and then reconnect it once again.
    • Resets the system to the factory default setting.