Fresh from the oven!
    Introducing Android 9 Pie

    Android 9 Pie is all about you. You want your smartphone to be tailored to your needs, to make everyday life easy and let you focus on what matters. The new Android software uses machine learning and AI technology to do just that. It understands your habits, then adjusts your smartphone settings, so your phone can take care some of the little things for you. Android 9 Pie is sprinkled with improvements that make your device more intuitive than ever.

    Read on to find out more about your new favourite pie!

    Adapts to your needs

    Machine learning is a key ingredient in the new Android 9 Pie. Take Adaptive Battery, for example. It’s a feature that uses machine learning to identify the apps you don't use often, to make sure they don’t drain the battery while running in the background. Together with the Xperia™ feature STAMINA mode, your battery will last even longer than before!

    Another smart new machine learning feature is Adaptive Brightness. Adaptive Brightness picks up your manual adjustments to the screen brightness level in different light settings and uses them to auto-adjust the screen brightness for you. Key features, adapted to your needs!

    The icing on the cake

    What’s more, there are also lots of sweet little tweaks to the features and settings you use the most. Pressing the volume key activates an on-screen media volume slider and a button for the ringtone, making it easy to adjust the volume while listening to music or watching a video.

    And when you take a screenshot, you can highlight details right away by using the Edit menu that pops up, then share the picture with your friends.

    Another small but useful tweak is for screen rotation. If you can’t be bothered to change the screen direction from the Settings menu, all you have to do is rotate the device. A button will appear that lets you change the direction of your screen, just like that. Adjustments like these and many more will make all the difference!

    Your favourite camera just got better!

    You'll love the new simple, streamlined look of the camera! It’s been carefully redesigned so that all the essentials are there when you want to capture a moment. Just open the Camera app and swipe left or right to choose Photo or Video, then shoot. That's it!

    If you want to use Xperia features like Super slow motion, Bokeh or Manual mode, just tap the MODE button. The camera will remember the feature you used most recently and show an icon on-screen for quick and easy access. What’s more, frequently used features like Brightness, Resolution and the Camera settings are now easy to access on-screen. This new look will be served steaming hot with all Xperia devices running on Android 9 Pie.

    Customise your peace of mind

    Too many notifications can distract you from the important things in life. With Android 9 Pie, notifications are easier than ever to manage. If you get a notification that you don’t really need, just long press it to access the notification settings for that app and turn the notifications off. You can also pick which notifications you want to keep from the Settings menu. Plus, your device will use machine learning to select which notifications you get. If you keep swiping away the notifications from a certain app, the device will suggest turning off the notifications from that app completely.

    Another treat is the updated Do not disturb feature, it has gotten a lot simpler and you basically just turn it on or off. Long press the Do not disturb icon in Quick settings and you’ll have easy access to the Settings menu where you can choose when and what (not) to block.

    Continue the setup? No problem!

    When you start setting up your new Xperia device, you might run into things that you’re not familiar with or be asked to adjust settings you’re not sure about. You want to speed things up, so you skip that step and leave it for later. Does it sound familiar?! Now with the new setup wizard, it’s really easy to go back and continue the setup. When the timing’s right for you, go to Settings or simply swipe down and tap the notification to complete the setup. Easy to use, on the go!

    What can this phone do?

    You’ve probably tried Google Assistant’s voice commands to make the device play your favourite music or maybe search the web to find a place to get some dinner or even a slice of pie. Now, Google Assistant knows all about your Xperia too! Just say “OK Google” and ask “What can this phone do?” and you’ll get a list of cool Xperia exclusive features. If you want to capture some incredible 4K HDR videos, just say “Record 4K HDR movie”. The camera app will open with the 4K HDR video settings all ready to go.

    This feature is available in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, as of September 2018.

    The availability of software updates depends on your device, country and/or operator. Please note that regardless of Android version some features and functionality may also differ depending on your device.