Article ID : 00235502 / Last Modified : 10/04/2020

My phone is operator locked. How can I unlock it?

    You may experience that your device only works with a SIM card from a certain operator. This happens when your device is operator locked. 

    How do I remove the operator lock on my Xperia device?

    You will need a Network Unlock Code (NUC) also known as a Network Control Key (NCK). This is a unique code used to unblock devices restricted to a single carrier. After entering the code, you will be able to use your device in other carrier's networks. 

    Where do I find the Network Unlock Code?

    Your code is provided by the operator that sold you the Xperia device. Please contact them to receive your code.

    How many times can I enter the NUC / NCK? 

    You can try to enter the Network Unlock Code (NUC) for a limited number of times. Make sure not to exceed the allowed number, or you may need to hand the device in for service.

    To check the number of attempts for Network Unlock Code (NUC)

    1. Remove any SIM card from the Xperia device.
    2. Turn on the device.
    3. Dial *#*#7465625#*#* to access the service menu.
    4. Tap Service info → SIM lock.
    5. Look for the 'X' mark.
    6. If 'X' is on Network and the value is different than 0, you can remove your device's operator lock.

    An example:

     [X] Network 10 <== This means that the device is operator-locked and that you have 10 attempts to enter the code. [ ] Network subset 10 [ ] Service provider 10 [ ] Corporate 10 [ ] SIM 0
    If the counter by Network says 0, it will not be possible to remove the operator lock. The device is either blocked or "hard locked". Contact your local support for further assistance.
    Note! For branded or devices customized to certain carriers, such as (D6708) Xperia™ Z3v (Verizon), (D6616) Xperia™ Z3 (T-Mobile), there is a designated application to remove the operator lock. Always contact your operator for Network Unlock Code information. (End drop down)

    To enter the Network Unlock Code (NUC) / Network Control Key (NCK)

    1. Turn off the Xperia device 
    2. Turn off the Xperia device.
    3. Insert the SIM card from your new operator
    4. Turn on the Xperia device.
    5. If prompted, enter the PIN code for the SIM card (4 digits).
    6. Enter the Network Unlock Code / Network Control Key (16 digits).

    Note! The device will become hard locked if too many unsuccessful attempts are made.

    I exceeded the maximum NUC / NCK attempts 

    Depending on the country, you can take either of these actions:
    1. Contact the network operator to get a replacement NUC/NCK code.
    2. Send the device in for repair to reset the NUC/NCK counter.

    To unlock your Sony Xperia device to all networks you must contact your Network Provider to get a NUC / NCK code. 
    · The network lock on your handset is part of a contractual agreement between your Network Provider and Sony Xperia. Your Network Provider may charge an admin fee to obtain this code.
    · Different phones have different unlock code input instructions. Once obtained and entered you will be able to enter SIM cards from any network in to your handset.

    Note! If you experience issues trying to unlock your device, please do not enter the code more than twice as this could block your device. This could cause additional charges due to having to send the device in for repair.

    After I unlock my device 

    Previous menu items, preinstalled operator settings for MMS and internet, and shortcuts to the operator’s online services may still appear on your device. Certain devices may not be able to delete these operator features.
    It's recommended to only use operator locked devices with SIM cards from the specific operator it was designed to work with. An optimal performance of the device cannot be guaranteed, especially in relation to network dependent features when an inappropriate SIM card is used.