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Low volume when playing music - how to change volume - WF-1000XM3

    Check your app & headphones software version

    How to adjust the volume of your headphones depends on the version of the Sony | Headphones Connect app and your headphones software.

    • If the Sony | Headphones Connect app is Version 6.0.0 (or later), and the headphones software is Version 2.0.2 (or later), you can change the touch sensor function to Volume Control, allowing you to adjust the volume.


    How to assign Volume control (changing Ambient sound control to volume control)

    Attention: The images below are examples of the Sony | Headphones Connect app for Android smartphones. If you use an iPhone, the screen layouts will differ slightly.

    1. Start the Sony | Headphones Connect app.
    2. Tap the settings cog (settings) icon at the bottom of the Change the touch sensor function.

      headphones connect settings screen
    3. On the Left unit settings, tap Ambient Sound Control, and set the Function to Volume Control.

      Left unit settings
    4. Check that the Function has changed to Volume Control, and tap Done.

      changing the function to volume control
    5. Check that the Left unit of the Change the touch sensor function is set to Volume Control. You can now use the left unit touch sensor to adjust the headphones volume.

      verifying settings change
    • If the headphones software version is less than 2.0.2
      Install the Sony | Headphones Connect smartphone app, then change the volume using the app.

      How to change the volume

      NOTE: On a device that can be linked with the headphones, you will have the ability to change the volume level of the headphones using that device. You will not be able to change the headphones volume on a device that cannot be linked with the headphones.