Article ID : 00226908 / Last Modified : 28/11/2022Print

The Alexa doesn't discover the Sound bar after initial setup of the Music Center app.

    1. On your mobile device, check if the Amazon Alexa™ app displays the name of your Sound bar.
      • The Sound bar won't work with the voice command if it doesn't have the Amazon Alexa device name registered to the Alexa app.
    2. Check the Amazon account you used during the initial setup.
      • If the account is different, perform the initial setup again and register with the same Amazon account.
        • Check the account used on other Alexa-enabled devices.
        • Check the account used on the Music Center app for the soundbar.



    • If the Amazon Shopping app is installed on your mobile device, you'll be automatically signed into your Amazon Shopping account when you perform the initial setup of Amazon Alexa on the Music Center app.
    • Visit the Amazon Support or Music Center website for more information.