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Enjoying apps and Internet content on Sony's Android TV

    On Bravia TVs with Android TV features, you can connect to the Internet to enjoy a wealth of Internet content such as the video streaming service “YouTube”.
    We’ll explain the process from preparation for watching Internet content to enjoying such content.


    Enjoying content


    Connecting the TV to the Internet

    There are two ways to connect to the Internet: wireless or wired connection. Refer below to configure the settings.

    Using a wireless connection

    1. Press the HOME button on the remote.
    2. Select  Settings.
    3. Select Network in the Network & Accessories category.
    4. Select Network setup.
    5. Select Easy.
    6. Select Wi-Fi.
    7. Select the connection method. For details, refer to the following article:
      How to connect the TV to a network using a wireless connection

    To establish a wired connection, refer to the following article:
    How to connect the TV to a network using a wired connection


    Adding a Google account

    To download apps and content, add a Google account to the TV. If the TV is used by a family, we recommend adding a shared Google account.
    You can also add Google accounts used with computers or smartphones to the TV. In such cases, refer to step 2.

    1. Create a new Google account.
      Use a computer or smartphone to go to the Google homepage and create an account.
    2. Add the Google account to the TV.
      For details, refer to the following article:
      How to set (add) a Google account

      NOTE: If a Google account name is displayed above [Add account], the Google account is already added. To add another Google account, follow the same procedure.


    Enjoying contents

    Installing a new app

    On Bravia TVs with Android TV features, you can download various apps from Google Play and watch your favourite Internet content.
    Once the TV is connected to a network, try downloading new apps.

    NOTE: To use video streaming services that are pre-installed on the TV such as YouTube or Netflix and watch content on the Internet, select the tile in the Home menu.

    1. Open the Google Play Store.
      1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
      2. Select Google Play Store under Apps.
        NOTE: If the sign in screen is displayed, follow the on-screen instructions and sign in.

    2. Select an app you want to download.
    3. When you select Install, download and installation of the app starts. Wait until the installation is complete.


    Enjoying movies with spectacular picture and audio

    You can set the picture and sound quality for each input source. Refer below to watch with realistic picture and sound based on the type of content, such as movies, sports, or music performances.

    Recommended settings for movies

    • Picture mode: Cinema home
      Contours and contrast are emphasised less, gradations even in dark scenes are smoother, and noise is less visible.
      You can further enjoy the true atmosphere of the film by dimming the light in the room.
    • Sound mode: Cinema
      You can enjoy surround effects like in movie theatres.

    Adjusting the picture and sound of content you are currently watching

    1. Press the Action Menu button on the remote control.
    2. Select Picture adjustments or Sound adjustments and set your preferences.


    Enjoying sports with picture and audio as if you were watching live

    Recommended settings for sports

    • Picture mode and Sound mode: Sports
    • You can also use the Voice Zoom feature to increase or decrease the voice of commentators. Decreasing the Voice Zoom setting increases the stadium cheering, enhancing realism and allowing you to enjoy an atmosphere as if you were watching a live sports game.

    Setting Voice Zoom

    1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
    2. Select  Settings.
    3. Select Sound.
    4. Select Sound adjustments.
    5. Select Voice Zoom.
    6. Press the / (left and right arrow) buttons on the remote control to make adjustments. Moving to the left or right decreases or increases the speaker’s voice, respectively.


    • Picture and sound adjustments can be set for each input source such as network content from YouTube and Netflix, HDMI IN/VIDEO IN, or Live TV.
    • For details about Picture mode or Advanced settings, refer to the following article:
      Adjusting the Picture setting on my Android TV


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