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Sound cuts out in the right unit of the WF-1000X earphones

    Due to the characteristics of the headset, transmission between the player and the left unit of the headset is prioritized, which may cause sound to cut out or stop coming out in the right unit of the headset.         

    Check the following and try the relevant solutions:

    Sound cuts out in the right unit of the headset

    In an environment in which Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, cordless phones, or other devices are transmitting 2.4 GHz band frequency radio waves, the issue may be resolved by setting the headset to Priority on Stable Connection.

    NOTE: In the case of iPhones, iPads, or other Bluetooth AAC codec-compatible devices, always use in Priority on Sound Quality mode.

    Set the sound quality mode to Priority on stable connection mode:

    For smartphones

    When using a smartphone, set the mode using the dedicated app Headphones Connect.

    1. Install the app Headphones Connect with Google Play.
    2. Connect the headset to your smartphone, then start Headphones Connect and change the settings

    For Walkman devices

    1. Select Settings.
    2. Select Bluetooth/Audio device connection settings
    3. Select Wireless playback quality
    4. Set Priority on SBC connection.
    5. Restart connection to the headset

    No sound comes out of the right unit of the headset

    1. Restart the headset, then connect it to the player.
    2. Turn the power OFF.
      Press and hold the button on the left unit of the headset until the blue indicator flashes (approx. 2 sec.). The right unit of the headset will power off at the same time. Both units will also automatically power off when you set them into the charging case


    3. Turn the power ON.
      Press and hold the buttons on the left and right units until the blue indicators flash (approx. 2 sec.).
    4. Connect to the player and check that sound is output from the headset.