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How to throw contents from DLNA Media Servers to DLNA Media Players?

Throwing contents from DLNA Media Servers to DLNA Media Players.

    1. Connect your Media Server, Media Player and Tablet device to your Home Network.
    2. Launch the DLNA application in your Tablet device.
    3. Connect to one of the Media Servers. Once connected, tap one of the folders and locae the content you want to "throw" to the Media Player. 
    4. Once you have selected the content, tap the "throw" button to listen, view or watch the content in the Media Player.
      • Throw button in Music Player.
      • Throw button in Video Player.
      • Throw button in Gallery.
    5. Tap one of the available Media Player in your Home Network as displayed in you DLNA application screen.
    6. Once Media Server is connected to the Media Player, the content is automatically played in the Media Player.
      • You can tap the rewind, pause, forward controls in the DLNA application to control the content.
      • Tap the Change button if you want to play the content to a different Media Player.