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The “OVERHEAT” indicator is flashing on the screen.

    If the flash heats up after continuous shooting or when using it in hot environments, it may stop working.

    When you attach the bounce adaptor (supplied), the camera automatically sets the zoom position of the flash to the widest value, regardless of the focal length of the lens used. This causes the flash to continuously light up a wide area and increases the amount of flash light, causing the flash to overheat easily.

    Please check that the bounce adaptor is correctly attached to the flash (the adaptor is not symmetrical).

    When you have attached the bounce adaptor, arrest the camera about a minute between shooting to prevent overheating.

    Use the bounce adaptor only when you use bounce flash photography. Except with bounce flash photography, the adaptor does not give softer lightning effect.

    When using the bounce adapter or other kind of diffuser attachments (3rd-party), the flash will have to output higher energy to achieve the same amount of illumination, which increases the likeliness of overheat.

    When the flash stops firing, turn the POWER switch of the flash body off and stop using the flash for about 10 minutes to lower the flash body temperature.


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