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One-touch listening is not working

    If one-touch listening does not work properly, make sure of the following.

    Smartphone side

    • Make sure the NFC function of your smartphone is turned on. To turn on the NFC function (for Android 4.1): Press Settings > More... > NFC
    • Make sure the screen of smartphone is unlocked
    • Depending on the smartphone, it may not be possible to make one-touch connection while the smartphone is being charged. Finish charging first, then try again
    • If the smartphone is in a case, the listening device may not react to one-touch. Remove the smartphone from the case first
    • Depending on the smartphone, the NFC sensitivity may not be strong enough to connect the device with just one touch. Keep touching the listening device with smartphone until smartphone vibrates
    • Depending on the smartphone, it may be necessary to install an app on your smartphone to enable one-touch connection. Download the app “NFC Easy Connect” from Google Play, and install it. (“NFC Easy Connect” may not be available in some countries and/or regions)

    Listening device side

    • Depending on the listening device, it may not be possible to make one-touch connection if the listening device is being charged and cannot be turned on. Finish charging first, then make one-touch connection
    • If the listening device has an NFC switch, set it to ON. Refer to the operating instructions of the listening device for details
    • One-touch connection is not possible when the listening device is already connected to another NFC compatible device. In this case, disconnect the other device, and make the connection with the smartphone again.

    If the pairing by the one-touch setup fails, also make sure of the following.

    • After touching the smartphone to the listening device, please complete the connection according to the instructions of the smartphone screen.
    • Confirm the Bluetooth setting of the smartphone. If the smartphone is already paired with the listening device, please cancel the pairing and touch again.

    If nothing happens when you touch the listening device with your smartphone repeatedly, make the Bluetooth connection manually. Refer to the operating instruction of the listening device about the manual Bluetooth connection.