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The GPS does not seem to work (DSC)

The GPS does not seem to work (DSC)

    Make sure the GPS feature is turned on and the date and time of your camera are properly set.

    "GPS" is a system for determining geographic location by triangulating radio signals from GPS satellites. Avoid using the camera in places where radio signals are blocked or reflected, such as a shadowy place surrounded by buildings or trees, etc. Use the camera in open sky environments.

    It may take several tens of seconds to several minutes to acquire the location information. You can shorten the positioning time by using GPS assist data.

    The time for the GPS acquiring location information can be shortened by taking in GPS assist data. The state of GPS assist data can be checked on the camera.

    If connection via internet is made using the software, "PlayMemories Home" or "Picture Motion Browser" the GPS assist data can be updated automatically.


    1. Menu

    2. Setup

    3. Main Settings

    4. GPS Assist data

    Check the GPS indicator on your camera.

    GPS indicators

    GPS reception status

    No indicator

    GPS is set to off. Turn it on by pressing the menu button/GPS settings/GPS on/off, and select "on".

    GPS no record

    Your camera cannot record the location information. Use your camera in an open area.

    GPS calculating

    Calculating the location information. Wait until the location information is recordable.

    GPS record

    The current location information is recordable.

    gps error

    There is a problem with the GPS feature. Turn the camera off and on.

    If the camera still does not show the GPS recording icon, reset the camera using the respective option in the setup menu.

    Iniatialize the camera:

    - Open the menu and go to setup menu.

    DSC menu

    - Select Main Settings


    - Select Initialize, then select OK to reset the camera to the default settings.



    The margin of error can be up to several-hundred meters depending on surrounding buildings, weak GPS signals, etc.

    As the positions of GPS satellites vary constantly, it may take longer to determine the location or the receiver may not be able to determine the location at all, depending on the location and time you use the camera.

    If the camera is still not able to receive GPS information your device is probably out of order and a repair may be necessary.