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The battery life seems too short (DSC)

    Make sure you are using a genuine Sony battery and it is fully charged. Most battery pack will discharge by itself even if you do not use it. Charge the battery pack before use.

    The battery life stated in the specification of the camera relates to standardised shooting conditions, the battery life in actual application can vary.

    Certain functions can greatly affect the battery life:

    · when you use the camera in an extremely hot or cold location (t° below 0°C and over 40°C)

    · shooting movies

    · use of the flash

    · use of GPS (if available)

    · playback of files

    · frequent insertion/removal of memory card

    · frequent zooming in/out

    · transferring the images from the camera to the PC via direct USB connection

    · using a memory card that has not been formatted for a long time


    Battery capacity decreases over time and through repeated charge/discharge cycles. If decreased battery life between charges becomes significant, it is probably time to replace the battery with a new one.