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Sound skips or the playback speed changes during Bluetooth wireless communication

    Please check the following if the sound skips during Bluetooth connection.

    IMPORTANT: If model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps in this solution, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.

    The sound may skip or the playback speed may change if a device that generates electromagnetic radiation is nearby. Wireless LANs, microwave ovens, and other Bluetooth devices are some examples of devices that generate electromagnetic radiation. Move away from any sources of electromagnetic radiation that may be interfering with the communication of your devices.

    1. Bluetooth wireless technology operates within a range of about 10 meters (30 feet). Maximum communication range may vary, affecting the sound depending on obstacles (person, metal, wall etc.) between the unit and the connected Bluetooth device. Install the unit and the Bluetooth device as near to each other as possible.
    2. Depending on the specifications and the audio data of the Bluetooth device, the sound may break up.
    3. If the Bluetooth headphones are receiving a high bit rate music, this may cause distortion or the sound may skip. In this case, you can lower the bit rate from the Bluetooth device. Turn off the Bluetooth headphones, and then press the VOL - and Image/POWER buttons on the jog switch simultaneously until the Bluetooth headphones turn on.

      NOTE: Depending on the circumstances, this may not always reduce the sound distortion. To set the Bluetooth headphones to receive a higher bit rate again, press the VOL + and (playandpause.png)/POWER buttons on the jog switch simultaneously until the Bluetooth headphones turn on.

    4. If your unit has a MODE switch, you may be able to improve playback quality by sliding this switch to MODE 2.