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How to import High Definition (HD) movies to an Apple computer?

Importing HD (high definition image quality) movies to the Mac computer.

    Use the dedicated software for Apple Mac OS, such as the Apple iMovie program to transfer HD movies to a Macintosh computer. HD movies cannot be dragged and dropped like photo images.

    If both AVCHD and MP4 files are recorded, the AVCHD movies may not be recognized. If this happens, import all the MP4 movies to the computer and then delete them from the camera. Afterward, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable so the AVCHD movies can be recognized.

    Unless you are using iMovie 11 version 9.0.1 or later, HD movies will not be recognized if both HD and standard definition (SD) movies are stored in the camcorder.

    Follow these steps to import HD movies to the Macintosh computer with HD and SD movies stored on the camera:

    1. Import the SD movies from the camera to the Macintosh computer.
    2. Delete the SD movies in the camera after disconnecting it from the Macintosh computer.
    3. Connect the camera back to the Macintosh computer and import the HD movies.


    • Transferring and playing back HD movies requires iMovie '08 or later.
    • PowerMac G5 does not support HD formats.
    • 3D movies recorded with a 3D camcorder are not supported.
    • The AVCHD encoding method of 2011 or later models of cameras has been changed from the previous models. To import AVCHD movies using iMovie, update Mac OS to the latest version (Ver. 10.6.7 or later).
    • For more details on iMovie, please refer to the Apple web site.