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Is the Minolta FS-1100 flash shoe adapter compatible with α (alpha) DSLR/SLT cameras?

    The Minolta FS-1100 flash shoe adapter is only supported for use with the α (alpha) DSLR/SLT cameras with Auto-Lock flash shoe.

    The FS-1100 adapts old Minolta AF flashes (e.g. 4000AF) to the Auto-Lock flash shoe of the Sony camera. However,

    • The flash exposure will not be controlled by the camera, as the old Minolta flashes are not compatible with the flash metering of digital cameras.
    • The AF-assist light of the flash device can not be used.

    Important: The FS-1100 adapter is not intended to adapt other ISO-518 shoe flashes to the Sony system. The adapter contains no protection circuit to accommodate high trigger voltage. The camera can be damaged when connecting a flash with high trigger voltage to the camera.

    How to adapt ISO-518 shoe flashes

    To adapt ISO-518 shoe flashes, you can use the Sony flash adapter FA-HS1AM. Its built-in sync voltage protection safeguards camera from potential high trigger voltage of external flash units.