Xperia L4

See the bigger picture

With its impressive 21:9 Wide 6.2” display, sleek design, multi-window functionality, and triple camera, the Xperia L4 lets you do so much more with your smartphone.


Xperia L4 -6.2" 21:9 Wide display | Triple camera

Xperia L4
Xperia L4 in black


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A comfortable fit

The Xperia L4 may have a large 6.2” display but it still fits in your hand perfectly, thanks to its sleek 21:9 wide aspect ratio, clean design, and slender form.

Xperia L4 with multi-window option
Made for multi-tasking

The multi-window option on the 21:9 Wide display lets you easily split the screen into two separate windows and run different apps on each one. It’s perfect for multi-tasking – for example, messaging on one window while watching a video on the other.

See more, scroll less

The 21:9 Wide 6.2” display offers a greater viewable screen area for web browsing, reading, maps, video, messaging, and more.

Image comparing 16:9 display with 21:9 display
Xperia L4 with mini display feature
Easy one-handed operation

Despite its large 6.2” display, you can easily operate the Xperia L4 with one hand. The mini display feature puts everything within easy reach while Side sense gives you fast, intuitive access to all your apps.

Big screen entertainment

The cinematic aspect ratio of the 21:9 Wide 6.2” display takes you deeper into movies, TV shows, games and more.

21:9 Wide 6.2" display with cinematic aspect ratio
Triple camera for triple the fun

Get creative with a triple camera featuring 26mm wide-angle, 17mm ultra-wide-angle, and a depth camera for beautiful bokeh effects.

1 – 17mm ultra-wide-angle camera
2 – 26mm wide-angle camera
3 – Depth camera

Broaden your horizons

The versatile wide-angle option covers most shooting situations but if you want to capture wider scenes, switch to ultra-wide-angle.

Dual viewer showing wide-angle versus ultra-wide-angle image
Dual viewer showing wide-angle versus ultra-wide-angle image
Portrait of woman with artistic bokeh effects
Get creative with bokeh

Create beautiful photographs in which the background is defocused for artistic bokeh effects.

Shoot in different formats

Multi-aspect shooting, including a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio, lets you film or take photos in your favourite format in any situation.

Xperia L4 showing image of leaping dancer
Long lasting battery

With a long lasting 3,580mAh battery, the Xperia L4 gives you all the power you need to stay connected.

Fast charging when you need it

The Xperia L4 is compatible with the optional Fast Charger (UCH32C), so you can quickly top up when you’re low on power.

Xperia L4 with optional Fast Charger
Powerful performance at your fingertips

A powerful processor, coupled with Wi-Fi and fast 4G for uploads and downloads, makes light work of apps, movies, games and more.

64GB icon
64GB internal memory

Store all your favourite apps, media and more with 64GB of internal memory.

Image of 512GB micro SD card
Expand your memory

Boost your phone’s storage by up to 512GB with a micro SD card slot.

Image of dual SIM cards
Dual SIM

Dual SIM option offers an easy way to keep your personal and work calls separate.

Effortless style

The Xperia L4 combines a comfortable hand fit with a sophisticated look.

Choose your colour

The Xperia L4 is available in a choice of colours – pick the one that suits your style.

Colour availability may vary.

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Specifications & Features

Featuring a large 21:9 Wide 6.2” display, sleek design, multi-window function, and long battery life, the Xperia L4 lets you get more from your smartphone. It boasts a triple camera too, opening up a world of creative possibilities.
  • 21:9 Wide 6.2” display

  • Slim design for comfortable operation

  • Multi-window feature and Side sense for easy operation

  • Triple camera for a variety of shooting scenarios

  • Long lasting battery for reliable performance

159 x 71 x 8.7mm
Single SIM, Dual SIM
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