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Images of SF-G series TOUGH specification
Images of SF-G series TOUGH specification
Images of SF-G series TOUGH specification
Awarded at TIPA 2019 

Best Imaging Storage Solution
Innovative one-piece mould and faster write speed

No challenge too great for the engineered toughest SD card

Introducing the faster, tougher SD card.

Designed for professional performance and extreme reliability, this is the toughest SD card. No matter how challenging your shoot gets, the SF-G series TOUGH specification delivers performance and durability you can depend on.

Tough. Here's the proof.
Bodyguard-tough to protect your data
Bodyguard-tough to protect your data

An ultra-strong resin-moulded design makes the SF-G series TOUGH specification cards 18 times more resistant to bending than conventional SD cards. That's toughness you can rely on for high-stakes shooting, in any environment and in any weather.

Dust, dirt, water, mud and grime proof
Arm yourself against mud, muck, and mayhem

The ultimate in peace-of-mind for irreplaceable images. Dust, dirt, water, mud and grime proof, for confidence in even the most extreme conditions.

Rock-solid durability and protection
Rock-solid durability and protection from impact 

Made from rock-solid materials in one-piece moulding, the new SD card withstands drops up to 5m .

one piece moulding
World’s first one-piece moulded structure creates one singularly rugged SD card 

With an innovative one-piece moulded design and high-durability materials, the SF-G series TOUGH specification cards give professional photographers peace of mind and protection wherever their shoots take them. 

World's first ribless SD
World's first ribless SD card for added toughness

The new SF-G series TOUGH specification gets rid of the fragile connector ribs and write-protect switch found on conventional SD cards, which are the parts that make it difficult to record data if broken.

Uncompromising durability and reliability for uncompromising professionals
The world’s fastest SD card

Whether you shoot high-resolution still images or 4K video, no other UHS-II SD card writes or reads data like the SF-G series TOUGH specification. The high-speed memory cards provide fast buffer clearing time after burst shooting and an efficient process for transferring content to a computer.

write speed
Ultra-fast write speeds for continuous shooting

With an industry-leading write speed up to 299 MB/s, SF-G series TOUGH specification cards are optimised for continuous shooting and fast buffer clearing.

transfer speed
Faster back-up and data transfer

Spend more time shooting and less time transferring and backing up data with up to 300 MB/s read speeds via the UHS-II interface.

support v90
Optimised for high-resolution video

Supports the highest Video Speed Class - V90 - for stable 4K and high-bitrate video capture.

Reliability, backed up

Custom software keeps your card performing at its peak.

sd scan utility
SD Scan Utility

Over time all SD card memory wears out and the card stops recording data reliably. Sony’s SD Scan Utility regularly and automatically scans your SD memory cards and lets you know before they reach their limits.

Memory Card File Rescue

Never fear. Even when things go wrong, you can avoid disaster with downloadable rescue software that recovers accidentally deleted files and corrupted photo and video files in todays’ most common formats. 

file rescue

Specifications & Features

Introducing the world's toughest, fastest SD cards. Designed for professionals who shoot in extreme conditions and require the highest performance. With bend-resistance that's 18 times greater than the SD standard, the highest level waterproof and dustproof grades (IP68), the fastest read speed at up to 300MB/s and fastest write speed at up to 299MB/s, the SF-G series TOUGH specification protects professional work.
  • TOUGH specification with crush and shock-proof design

  • Ribless and switchless design enhances reliability, eliminating risks of breakage

  • Highest level (IP68) dust and water proofing

  • World's fastest write speed at up to 299MB/s for burst and high-resolution imaging

  • SD Scan Utility monitors the condition of your card and lets you know before it has reached its write cycle limit.

Transfer Speed (Write)
Up to 299MB/s (HD312), Up to 90MB/s (SDR104)
Transfer Speed (read)
Up to 300MB/s (HD312), Up to 95MB/s (SDR104)
Speed Class
Class 10 (SD Speed Class), Class 3 (UHS Speed Class), V90 (Video Speed Class)
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