EXTRA BASS for Powerful Sound. Take the party anywhere with explosive bass and flashing lights that sync with the beat. With up to 14 hours of battery life, bring a club like energy to the party anywhere, anytime.


XB60 EXTRA BASS High Power Audio System with Built-in battery


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Get the EDM festival experience, anywhere

Hold an EDM party anywhere, with EXTRA BASS™ beats from the GTK-XB60. Built-in party lights complete the club atmosphere, and the rechargeable battery lets you play music even without mains power.

This unit is not waterproof or dustproof, please use in a suitable location.

GTK-XB60 battery logo

Rechargeable battery

Whenever you’re away from mains power, the rechargeable battery gives you 14 hours of playback.


Wireless connectivity

Create a quick BLUETOOTH® connection with NFC One-touch, or stream from your playback device over Wi-Fi.

Feel the beat of EXTRA BASS™

Bring the dancefloor to life by activating EXTRA BASS™. It enhances the low frequencies of the track, for beats that get everyone moving.

The power to party anywhere, with a rechargeable battery

Got no mains electricity? The built-in rechargeable battery powers your party for 14 hours with the speaker lights off, and the volume turned to level 17. Even at full volume with EXTRA BASS™ and lighting on, you can party for 3 hours. If you’re running low, just activate stamina mode to make your battery last longer (up to 4.5 hrs).

Grab and go

Convenient carry handles make it easy to transport your GTK-XB60 from party to party.

GTK-XB60 carry handles

Lights straight from the club

Turn up the excitement with the built-in lights. A bright strobe lights up the dancefloor, white LEDs move with the music, and a multi-coloured lighting strip around the edge of the speaker creates an authentic club feel.   

Line Light

A multi-coloured lighting strip goes around the edge of the speaker.

Speaker  Light

White LEDs move with the music.

Strobe Flash

A bright strobe lights up the dancefloor.

Add extra speakers, without extra wires

Want to boost your volume? Connect up to 10 compatible speakers with Wireless Party Chain for even more audio power and an exciting party atmosphere with synchronised lights. It's all done with Bluetooth® technology, so you don't need to use any connecting cables.

Connect and Control


Connect with NFC & Bluetooth® technology

Create a One-touch wireless connection with your NFC-enabled device, or use your Bluetooth® settings to connect.

GTK-XB60 USB logo

Plug in with USB

Access your MP3, WMA and WAV digital music files by connecting your USB device.

GTK-XB60 microphone input

Add your own vocals

Be the MC any time you want - just plug in a microphone, and you'll hear your voice in the mix.

GTK-XB60 Sony | Music Center app

Control the party with Sony | Music Center app and Fiestable

The Sony | Music Center app lets you choose tracks, change sound settings and create playlists, all from your phone. The Fiestable plug-in puts you in charge of the light colours,and  lets you adjust EQ, or activate DJ control. Make changes with a flick of your wrist, thanks to the intuitive motion control.

Sony | Music Center for Android

Sony | Music Center for iOS

Fiestable for Android

Specifications & Features
Hold an EDM party anywhere, with EXTRA BASS™ beats from the GTK-XB60. Various built-in lighting effects complete the festival atmosphere, and the built-in battery lets you play music even without mains power.
  • EXTRA BASS™ for deep, punchy sound

  • Built-in battery lets you take the party anywhere

  • Flashy lighting brings an EDM festival atmosphere

  • Control sound and light effects with the Sony | Music Center app and Fiestable

  • Connect more speakers with Wireless Party Chain

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