Register your product at My Sony to receive a 1 year extended warranty

Register your Camera or Lens

Offer only available on selected camera and lens models - please register your product to begin the process (below list is subject to frequent updates). Offer ends 31st January 2022 - product purchase must be by this date. Product registration and activation of your one year extended warranty must be completed within 60 days of product purchase. You will receive your unique extended warranty activation code and instructions on how to activate it by email, immediately after you have registered your product. If you have already purchased or otherwise received an extended warranty for this product, please note that you will not be eligible to add a further one year’s warranty using this code. The extended warranty is not transferrable. Offer is valid for the purchase in all EU Member States excluding Luxemburg, Netherlands and Norway (but including UK) plus Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, and Turkey.