Dolby Atmos
Dolby Atmos is a surround sound format which delivers an immersive, 3D audio experience.
Why Dolby Atmos?
Sound moves all around you

With Dolby Atmos, you feel truly immersed inside the action. Sound is assigned to a specific place rather than an individual speaker which results in beautifully clear sound flowing smoothly around you. 

Adds an overhead dimension

Sony’s unique Vertical Surround Engine allows you to hear sound overhead without the need to invest in speakers in your ceiling. In almost any room, the soundbar will reproduce full, cinematic sound all around you.

Produces breath-taking sound quality

Dolby Atmos renders everything from dialogue to quiet scenes to whirlwind action with great clarity, richness, detail, and depth.

The Evolution of Sound
What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos revolutionises sound by liberating it from the constraints of channels.

Instead of assigning audio to individual channels, sound designers can decide exactly where a sound should be heard in a three-dimensional space.

Up to 128 uniquely positioned audio objects all work together to create a three-dimensional, realistic, breath-taking sound, flowing all around you.  

Sony's cinematic sound processing

Decades of creating blockbuster movies, gave Sony the expertise needed to create exclusive technologies:

S-Force PRO Front Surround recreates an authentic cinematic surround experience from our soundbars.

Vertical Surround Engine, unique to Sony, gives you sound from overhead without the need for additional or upward-firing speakers.

These, when combined, deliver a sensational Atmos experience from a soundbar.

With Vertical S. off
With Vertical S. on
How do you get Dolby Atmos in your home?

One way to achieve Dolby Atmos surround sound in your home is by using a Dolby Atmos enabled receiver, Blu-ray player and multiple Atmos enabled speakers and placing them around your room.

However, if you would prefer a simplified solution, Sony also offers a full range of Dolby Atmos soundbars.

Dolby Atmos is available from a plethora of sources including streaming and live TV. This allows you to enjoy your favourite TV shows, blockbuster movies, games and sporting events in breath-taking immersive sound. 

“There are many more services also available.”


Total immersion

Feel the thrill of movie audio with this stunning 3.1ch Dolby Atmos / DTS:X soundbar, and our new Vertical Surround Engine in a sound bar that fits perfectly into your home.

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What HiFi? 5 Star Award
HT-ST5000, What Hi-Fi? 5 stars

'The Sony is a superb-sounding product, packed full of features, and the first Dolby Atmos soundbar that we'd have no hesitation in recommending' (May 2017)

STR-DN1080, What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year
Best home cinema amplifier

“The Sony 1080 reaches deep into its reserves to deliver sound packed with punch, dynamism and authority in a way we haven't heard at this sort of price before.” (What Hi-Fi?, June 2017)

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