Sound and vision 
in perfect harmony

Truly immerse yourself

Unlike any TV viewing experience before, BRAVIA provides sound and vision in perfect harmony. As well as immersing yourself in stunning picture quality, you can now also enjoy powerful and clear sound coming from exactly where it should – all in complete ease with voice control and beautiful design.

Ultimate Realism with A8 Series

For a more cinematic viewing experience than ever, immerse yourself in the action with stunning clarity, colour and contrast.

Supreme Contrast with XH95 Series

Deeper blacks and brighter highlights combine to deliver supreme contrast from any angle on Sony’s best 4K LCD.

Image showing how sound is reproduced on a BRAVIA TV
The complete sound experience

Speakers behind the screen of our A8 Series emit powerful and clear sound from exactly where the action is taking place. In our XH95 Series, sound positioning tweeters around the screen precisely control sound placement, constantly optimising the output so you can hear high-quality audio from the right part of the screen.

Ease yourself into a more entertaining world

Feel truly immersed in our new Sony BRAVIA range - it's easier, faster, and simpler than ever with voice activated controls and instant access to over 5000 apps. Our TVs also sync up with home assistant devices effortlessly.

Image showing apps on a BRAVIA TV
Your home and BRAVIA in perfect harmony

A flush edge, one slate design and noiseless stand. It’s an approach that lets you immerse yourself in what you’re watching, not the TV itself. Better still, the premium two way stand gives you the freedom to raise the TV to accommodate a sound bar.