BRAVIA 140 cm (55-inch) TVs

Enter a new age of entertainment with our best 140 cm (55-inch) TVs, which fuse form and function to redefine the home cinema experience.

Sony's best 140 cm (55-inch) TV with stunning visuals
TV has never looked this good

Movies, shows, games and more look and sound better with our 140 cm (55-inch) smart TVs. 4K and Full HD ensure stunning visuals, while features like magnetic fluid speakers deliver soul-shaking sound. Even the big game is more exciting – Live Football Mode brings the sound of the stadium home, along with streaming news and highlights.

Add brightness to the finest details

With over 8 million pixels, 4K technology on our best 140 cm (55-inch) TVs enhances the look of everything you see. Images are clean, clear and natural looking, so sit closer and enjoy a cinema-like viewing experience. LED lights behind the screen make it glow with brightness, eliminating shadows to reveal new levels of detail. 

Sharp images on 140 cm (55-inch) TVs from Sony
A sharp and colourful picture

Change the way you watch with our 140 cm (55-inch) LED TVs. The TRILUMINOS™ display enhances colour for brilliant reds and deep greens, bolstered by the brightening-power of X-Extended Dynamic Range™. X-Reality PRO™, an advanced processing engine, enhances everything closer to 4K quality for details that shine.

Vibrant colours with 140 cm (55-inch) smart TV from Sony