sony zv-10 with pz 10-20mm lens attached

The Creative Process

Stefan Krenn

3 sony aps-c lenses together

My name is Stefan Krenn and I'm a filmmaker and content creator from Austria. My work involves commercial productions and music videos and I spend my free time working on my own projects, looking for new perspectives.

When Sony approached me and asked if I would like to test the new wideangle APS-C lenses, I leapt at the chance and with the help of some friends, created this project.

As soon as I unpacked the lenses, I couldn't believe how light and compact they are - particularly the PZ 10-20mm f/4 G lens. When I'm filming, I like to look for interesting angles and try different camera movements - something that's not always possible with larger gear, so using these lenses with the ZV-E10 was a refreshing change. Being much smaller, the rig was also very easy to change setups quickly; for one clip, I filmed handheld, then switched over to the gimbal and then filmed from the tripod. I usually work with the full-frame G Master lenses, so to see some of the features such as the manual aperture ring make its way on to these compact lenses was very encouraging.

sony zv-e10 with 15mm f1.4 g lens attached

For the majority of the shots of the dancer I used the 15mm f/1.4 G and was extremely impressed with how it performed wide open. I was able to separate the subject from the background easily and the bokeh was super smooth at f/1.4. Filming the musicians, I mainly used the 11mm f/1.8 - again wide open because the scenes were minimally lit. For the other shots, the PZ 10-20mm f/4 G was brilliant and I couldn't see any performance drop when switching from primes to the zoom. All three lenses were very sharp and for wideangle lenses, I thought the distortion was very low indeed. The studio where we were shooting was quite small and the lenses did a great job making the space look more much bigger without compromising quality in any way.

The stills photographer on the shoot also used the lenses to capture a lot of the behind-the-scenes images, shooting on his Alpha 7 III in APS -C crop mode. The combination of a wideangle lens with a large aperture gives a very interesting look and the sharpness at full aperture is very impressive.

stefan krenn checks the framing on a camera attached to an actor

As I mentioned before, what fascinated me the most is the compactness of these lenses. For me this was key for the fast and spontaneous production I had in mind. This compactness made it possible for me to attach the camera to a number of different rigs very easily. For example, I organised a "Snorricam Rig" to attach the camera directly to the actor. This would have been much more difficult shooting on larger (heavier) gear. I also used the camera on a gimbal to create interesting crane shots and filmed some hand-held close-ups which worked very well thanks to the built-in stabilisation on the ZV-E10.

In some dance scenes, the focus quickly shifts from the dancer to her hand in the foreground. I didn't even realise at the time of shooting, but when it came to editing, I noticed that the focus breathing was practically non-existent!

stefan krenn directs a dancer

For the main shoot, the 11mm & 15mm lenses were used simply because of the wide apertures they offered, but for the behind-the-scenes video we used the PZ 10-20mm f/4 G, since a certain degree of flexibility was required in order to quickly and get the right frame. The speed at which the power zoom works is incredible and the precision is on point. I've never really used power zoom before and was pleasantly surprised at how easily I could control the framing using both the slider on the side of the lens, and the zoom controls on the ZV-E10.

sony zv-10 with pz 10-20mm lens attached

With the space being so small, there was one particular scene where the dancer was holding the camera alone and the crew had to hide or otherwise we would be in the frame. However, through the Imaging Edge App, I was able to easily follow the image and give instructions to the dancer. I'm constantly amazed at how technology like this is giving me more flexibility when shooting and opening up new possibilities.

stefan krenn checks the framing on his smartphone imaging edge app

For me, the combination of the new lenses and the ZV-E10 could be used for a variety of purposes. In many respects this setup is perfect for vlogging, because the subject stands out very nicely from the background with the wide aperture and still you have a wide field of view.

Personally, I'm not much of a vlogger, but for me this setup works perfectly for dynamic sporty shots and also wonderful for architectural clips. What fascinates me the most is the open aperture, which you can also use for very interesting close-up shots in nature thanks to the extremely close focus distance. I'm excited to use the ZV-E10 and these lenses as a compact travel combination. I am a big fan of the aesthetics which a wideangle lens produces and I now have the opportunity to always have excellent quality in an extremely compact setup.

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Stefan Krenn

Stefan Krenn | Austria

Stefan Krenn is a filmmaker and content creator from Austria, working mainly on commercial productions and music videos

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