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Termination of YouTube service on 2012 BRAVIA TVs

Dear Valued Sony Customer,

Some models also include the YouTube for TV app. When using the YouTube for TV app you may experience a black screen, or an error message may be displayed, and the video will stop playing.

These symptoms are not a failure of your TV. However, due to these issues, Sony has decided to delete the YouTube for TV icon from 2012 BRAVIA TVs, and the YouTube for TV function will not be usable after September 30, 2016.

We appreciate your patience and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Affected models:
EX Series
HX Series
X Series
  • KDL-22EX550
  • KDL-22EX553
  • KDL-22EX555
  • KDL-26EX550
  • KDL-26EX553
  • KDL-26EX555

  • KDL-32EX650
  • KDL-32EX653
  • KDL-32EX655

  • KDL-40EX650
  • KDL-40EX653
  • KDL-40EX655
  • KDL-46EX650
  • KDL-46EX653
  • KDL-46EX655
  • KDL-32HX750
  • KDL-32HX751
  • KDL-32HX753
  • KDL-32HX755
  • KDL-32HX757
  • KDL-32HX758
  • KDL-32HX759

  • KDL-40HX750
  • KDL-46HX750
  • KDL-46HX751
  • KDL-46HX753
  • KDL-46HX755
  • KDL-46HX756
  • KDL-46HX757
  • KDL-46HX758
  • KDL-46HX759
  • KDL-46HX75G
  • KDL-46HX850
  • KDL-46HX853
  • KDL-46HX855

  • KDL-55HX750
  • KDL-55HX751
  • KDL-55HX753
  • KDL-55HX755
  • KDL-55HX75G
  • KDL-55HX850
  • KDL-55HX853
  • KDL-55HX855
  • KDL-55HX950
  • KDL-55HX953
  • KDL-55HX955

  • KDL-65HX950
  • KDL-65HX953
  • KDL-65HX955
  • KD-84X9005


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