3D photography with Cyber-shot™ cameras


Take 3D still photos with realistic depth and detail. Capture 3D panoramas for play back on a 3D TV or share the moment with fun 3D-like multi-angle shots on your camera screen. Give special moments a whole new look with 3D photography from Cyber-shot™.

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3 ways to take 3D photos with Cyber-shot

Find out how you can take 3D photos with 3D Still Image, 3D Sweep Panorama and Sweep Multi-Angle on a Cyber-shot.

Take 3D photos with Cyber-shot 3D digital cameras

Take 3D still images

Forget carrying around a bulky camera with two lenses. Cyber-shot 3D cameras can now take 3D still images using just one lens. Simply press the button and your camera shoots two images in rapid succession at different focus settings to create a single 3D still image. Share your 3D images on a 3D TV or VAIO® 3D laptop. Show pictures of your friends and family in a whole new dimension.

Find out about 3D Still Image

3D Sweep Panorama captures landscape photos in 3D

Shoot wide-angle panoramas in 3D

Take panoramic photographs – from landscapes to family gatherings – which show foreground subjects with realistic depth. 3D Sweep Panorama is a great way to add a new dimension to your wide-angle shots and fit more into the scene. Just press the button, sweep the camera and capture the moment for sharing on a 3D TV or 3D laptop.

Learn more about 3D Sweep Panorama

Show 3D-like photos instantly with Sweep Multi-Angle

Share 3D-like photos instantly with friends

Take 3D-like photos of friends, objects, just about anything – and then share photos immediately on your camera. Sweep Multi-Angle takes a photo from many different angles so all you have to do is tilt your camera from left to right to preview the 3D effect on the LCD screen. You can also view shots on a 3D TV to get the full 3D picture.

See how Sweep Multi-Angle works

Cyber-shot cameras with 3D