C10 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones


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Images of C10 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones
Images of C10 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones
Images of C10 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones

Seal in precision sound

The light and comfortable XBA-C10 offers precise sound, sealed in with secure earbuds. The sound fidelity you get lets you hear your music as it was intended.

Balanced Armature drivers

Precision processing for balanced sound

Balanced Armature drivers are drivers that have been meticulously pre-tuned by Sony engineers. They are an innovation that creates a pristine, realistic sound.

Frequency range of 5–25,000Hz

Hear a wider range

A frequency range of 5–25,000Hz for distinct highs and lows.

Sensitivity of 100dB/mW

Sound with sensitivity

Hear clearly at any volume with a sensitivity of 100dB/mW.

Uncompromised comfort

The compact in-ear headphones sit snugly in your ear for a natural fit. The soft silicon tips allow you to wear them for hours without becoming uncomfortable.

Comfortable and compact design
Secure, sealed headphones

Sound that won't escape

Securely sealed in-ear headphones reflect your music back towards your ears, for powerful sound that won't leak and disturb those around you.

1.2m tangle-free cord

Tangle-free cord

The 1.2m cord is designed to resist tangles.

  • Balanced Armature driver to deliver precision audio

  • 100dB/mW sensitivity and a wide sound range of 5–25,000Hz

  • Tightly sealed earcups create resounding audio

  • Slim design that's shaped to fit securely and comfortably

  • 1.2 metre cord designed to resist snags and tangles

What's in the Box

Hybrid earbuds (SS, S, M, L sizes), Warranty Card, Operating Instructions, Clip

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